Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i've left new york and my heart is aching. just nine months until i'm back in the thick of it, and those days seem both so so close and so so far. but, wallowing for yummy meatballs at 2 am, free fridays at moma, walks up 5th to work in the morning to work, and through the village for stoop stealing at night won't do me any good.
i'm back to the land of the pines to finish up my degree, and there are plenty of perks to living senior year to the fullest. tailgating in sundresses every weekend this fall, celebrating my birthday with my amazing friends (and lots of champagne!), comfy sweaters to fill my caffeine dependent late (late) nights at the library, and plenty of trips back up to the big apple to see g.t.
bring it on wake forest. i'm ready.


  1. hadleyyyy you are missed! come back to cyber space!!