Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i got to spend my weekend in this heavenly spot. my first trip to maine was beyond.
i learned how to eat lobster like a true mainer, jumped off the boat in the middle of the lake because i just had to swim atthatverysecondinthatveryspot, watched an amazing sunset, and fell a lot more in love.
leaving to come back for my last week in the city was unbelievably hard. as much as i love new york, taking everything down a notch for a few days reminds me of a different sort of life, one with what feels like lots more time. so, for these last few days, i'm going to make an effort, to remember every little moment. because, no matter where i am, moosehead or manhattan, i've never felt so lucky.


  1. I'm going to Maine in a few weeks - where did you go??

  2. dulci! g.t. and i stayed in portland for one night, and then drove up to moosehead lake, about 3 hours inland. it was so so beautiful. more picture to come. where are you headed? xo, h

    ps. thanks mara. you're so sweet.