Thursday, July 22, 2010

hey dono, you're rad.

world, meet dono, she is almost even beyond rad. my little sister in tridelt, the two of us are an unstoppable duo. little buddy just jumped ship to africa for an adventure and my heart is already aching. for the next 6 months i'll have to fend for myself when i need a partner in crime to dance it out when i'm feeling sad or to eat my body weight in zack's frozen yogurt.
she keeps sending little daily updates about her explorations, (she has already done so much, from climbing cliffs to crossing waterfalls!) and i'm feeling so so proud.
so, dono, i think you're really rad. i couldn't ask for a better person to slap me around when i need to hear sense but also to hold my hand when i'm really needing it. we'll be saving your seat at family dinner until january. i already can't wait.

ps. i love this photo of us. my face is so purposefully awkward, but that embrace could not be any more loving. come home safe bug.

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