Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the other day i was flipping through an old copy of elle and stumbled across this sweet interview with mark duplass and katie aselton. it was a whole bit, young new york couples who are madly in love, but their particular interview was the most memorable. i think you'll see why.

elle: how did you meet?
ka: in a car.
md: on the way to ....
ka: a new year's party. he had just gone through a break up. and i put back the pieces.
md: she glued me.
elle: what is love?
md: i feel like the essence of love is, "do you like the way the other person smells? if you do, you'll get through anything.
elle: what does katie smell like?
md: katie, you smell like, um ... god, i was just about to say something incredibly corny. but it's true. you smell like home.

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  1. awww!! At our wedding our 1st dance was to the song "Feels like Home to Me'. So happy that after 7 years it still feels like home! Thanks for this sweet story!