Wednesday, July 28, 2010


my mom was in town this weekend, she just left this morning, and i was so sad to see her go. seeing her is always the very best thing. it's strange to think that i'll never live in the same house as my mom. that for the rest of our lives we'll be visiting each other in our respective cities. it's wild. i can't be so grown up yet.
adulthood aside, it was a girls weekend fit for real queens. manicures and pedicures uptown followed by hours spent lost at the met. a day in brooklyn at the flea where we bought so many books we could hardly catch the train home. a night under the stars in bryant park watching monty python. all the while eating so much sushi, i swear we might get mercury poisoning.
as she bordered her plane today at lga, i got the sweetest bbm (i know! carol ann is so hip!) saying, "i'm such a lucky mom." lady could not be more wrong, i'm such a lucky daughter.

ps. when i was a little girl my mom used to make me drink chocolate milk every night at dinner. i absolutely hated it, maybe one day i'll thank her for my strong bones, (never broken one once!) but not anytime soon. i still hate that stuff.

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