Thursday, June 17, 2010


when i was a little girl i had the blondest hair. the sort that was white at the ends and would turn green every summer. after the horrific sun-in incident of '01, aka dying my hair orange in steph waugh's bathroom, it was just never the same. artificial 'blonde' felt like such a farce after my true days as a toe head.
my sophomore year of college i decided to hell with it all and died it dark brown. i accidentally become a goth for a few weeks, it slowly faded and now all color gone, i'm au natural. no longer blonde, but instead something impossible to describe -- sort of this chestnut with blonde highlights that looks red in certain lights.
i don't hate it, but, i still miss those carefree days of being a total blondie like this cool chick.
i bet she never was an orange-head, thats for sure.

(i stand corrected. the sun-in incident in fact occurred in meg lowry's hippopotamus wall papered bathroom. steph was quick to point out she had nothing to do with my orange hair.)

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