Thursday, June 17, 2010


since arriving in new york i've seen a few celebrities -- jlo, cameron diaz, beyonce. i see them, i think, "damn, they look ________ (stunning/botoxed/FIERCE)." and then continue on my way.
apparently, last night john mayer played a 3 am set at the village underground that he announced only on his twitter. i live like THREEBLOCKS from the village underground.
when i was little, i was that girl about jmayer. the one that was always front row, always hyperventilating. while, i've become far more normal with age, i'm still so bummed i missed out. battle studies was my go to jam of choice this past winter.
no bother, i'll see him some other time. i guess this is just a lesson in why people twitter.

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  1. oh mannnn!! i wanna go too! that would have been so cool. and he probably would have fallen in love with, whatevs, no big deal.