Wednesday, June 16, 2010


my beautiful cousin sarah, who got engaged last october, has finally set a date for her big day! june 11, 2011 in the south of france.
sarah and her sweet fiance, luke, live in london. i loved nothing more than visiting their little house on sunday nights for take out and the strictly come dancing results show last fall.
she just started looking at dresses, and yesterday sent me a link to the amsale bridal collection. i'd never looked at their gowns before, but ashley and i have been beside ourselves since devouring their website. so far these are my two very favorites, the ella and the coco. (don't you just love when clothing has people names?)
their flag ship store is on madison avenue, and i promised i would check them out soon and send a report across the pond. is it weird that i can't wait?


  1. omg! How lucky are you!! A wedding in the South of France!! Just found out I'm going to one in St.Thomas - but you win! haha :)

  2. My sister is getting married on June 11, 2011, too! Not in the South of France, though... Have fun looking at dresses, even if they aren't for you!

  3. what would you do if I told you katherine miller wore coco to her deb ball? it's true. BEAUTIFUL. miss you hads!