Tuesday, June 22, 2010


what a weekend. so much so, its only now sinking in that it's back to the real world. visiting best friends do that to you.
kelly ann arrived friday night and it was off to the west village for yummy pasta and then a long walk with kgarvs. we even went and stalked the novogratz house on the west end highway. debated taking pictures outside, decided against, and then instantly regretted it. if you're going to stalk, might as well go all the way out.
saturday was spent mulling around soho and then that night we went out in the east village. some of the most fun i've had yet in new york. the best part? watching the sunrise while munching on an appetizer sampler at my now go-to diner.
KAC and i had a killer brunch sunday, where, for the first time ever, i tried eggs benedict and am now certifiably obsessed. we spent a lot of time getting lost in the lower east side afterwards, but not before we checked out zarin fabrics hoping to spot jill. for dinner we met up with casey and her co-worker neely, the genius behind fossil's fantastic blog, and had the greatest time swapping stories at this gem of a spot.
whew. it was the happiest of weekends dudes. i wish it never had to end, but dc in two weeks with conlin and co. should make for one hell of a fourth.

ps. kelly and i are actually incapable of taking a decent picture together. this gem is from three years ago. isn't my mardi gras mask TDF? (to die for, duh.)

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