Thursday, June 24, 2010


that is my father in his modeling days. i'm dying. the 'stach, the ultra suede, the plaid.
i sprained my ankle two days ago, and have been really struggling. i don't do pain well, at all, and with an ankle the size of a grape fruit that at one point was actually purple, my demands are becoming excessive. lucky for me, everyone is taking good care of me, and by taking care of me, i mean putting up with me. g.t. even picked out all the m&ms from the trail mix bag.
with that and pictures like this? i'll be all better in no time.


  1. omg - this is HILARIOUS!!!! Soooooo 70's. haha. What a gem!

  2. p.s. I'm following you now! Follow me for all my updates - I have some really cool posts planned!!


  3. whoa, this picture is classic!