Monday, June 14, 2010

hey tonis, you're rad

meet one of my very best friends, tonis. she is super.
tonis likes to read harry potter books, eat mint chocochip ice cream everyday, and say really witty things. she lives in dc now, working at a nonprofit and saving the world. every friday she sends out these hysterical recap e-mails. they are always so funny they make me cry. last week it was all about her adventures in grocery shopping. only tonis could turn buying string cheese into a saga.
and, not only is she way funny, she is also way smart, way compassionate, and a way good listener. for my brithday last year, she flew to london to celebrate with me. we spent the day just wondering around the tate modern, drinking tea, and planning our livess.
so, tonis, i think you're really rad. i hate not being able to hang out everyday and pretend like we're hippies, but your 'district' emails make you feel not so far. can't wait to see you on the fourth and live like its earth day.
ps. tonis has a fedora. and she looks cooler than cool in it. told you girl was rad.

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