Friday, June 4, 2010

hey casey, you're rad

this is my sister-in-law casey. she is way cool. i mean, way, way, cool.
casey started dating my older brother, phil, when i was in 4th grade, so she has been around forever and ever, but i like it that way. she is so creative it hurts all over. she is now super important at fossil and gets to travel all over the world to shop and scope out trends for upcoming seasons. (told you her coolness hurts.)
when she isn't at work, casey and phil love to take their dog boomer on walks, eat yummy vegetarian food, and watch american idol with their cat pee wee in their perfect little house. casey is an amazing interior designer. their house was even featured on d*sponge! (and if that isn't enough, check out the business she runs from home in her "free time.")
so, casey, i think you are really rad. i'm super happy phil was smart enough to catch you when he did, and that you love him as much as you do, because you make thanksgiving and christmas a lot more fun. i absolutely can't wait for you to come to new york this summer.

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