Friday, June 18, 2010

hey dad, you're rad

my dad is the raddest dude i know.
there are about 14 million reasons why that is true, including, his ability to make an amazing cup of tea, the way he says the word 'tuesday' with a 'ch' at the beginning, how much he loves my mom, and the way he ends all phone calls with, "okie dokie, bye bye for now."
this is one of my very favorite photos of him. on a trip to england in 2008, he became obsessed with the yellow vests worn by construction workers while on the job. he insisted on buying ones for himself and my two brothers to be worn for all future building projects stateside. sure enough, every time there is a job to be done, these vests come out of hiding.
as i've gotten older and moved away, my dad and i have gotten much closer, i love calling him when i'm walking around new york because he always says, "where are you now? new york city? remember when you lived in london? god. what a life."
have the most rad father's day daddy. i'm sorry i can't be there, but i know you'll have a perfect day filled with lots of world cup watching and a few too many biscuits.

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